Freestyle Gymnastics - #SotonFreestyle

Parkour, Free-running and other urban based activities have become increasingly popular with teenagers throughout the UK.  Originally practised outdoors with no coaching, training or direction, increasingly people have begun to practise the core gymnastics elements underlying these activities in gymnastics facilities indoors, and kids have sought out coaching in these new skills.

Freestyle gymnastics is dynamic and exciting, providing participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through movement and an incredible range of tricks. This is a relatively new form of gymnastics based upon ‘parkour’, ‘freerunning’ and ‘tricking’. Freestyle fuses traditional gymnastic and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performers and stunt actors. 

Southampton Gymnastics isthe only Gymnastics Club in the city providing Freestyle Gymnastics in a purpose built gymnastics facility and with a multitude of specialist pieces of equipment from - Freesytle blocks, floor level trampoline, sprung floor, vaulting boxes and blocks, sprung tumble track, fast tumble track, learning rigs and in ground foam pit.


At Southampton Freestyle Gymnastics, in our purpose built gym you can learn quicker, move faster and enjoy more.

Freestyle at Southampton Gymnastics Club


Beginner/Assesment level for 8+ years

Saturday 5pm - 6pm 


Freestyle Academy Junior (Invitation Only)

Saturday 6pm - 8pm


Freestyle Senior (Drop in)

Saturday 8pm - 10pm



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